Monday, November 19, 2012

3D Anamorphosis

1. In photoshop we transformed the scale to make the object longer so when you looked at it from and angle the object looked normal. This is called anamorphosis.
2. Based on the perspective of the angle the object could look distorted or normal. Drawing a shadow helped make the image look more 3D. We used color pencils to show the value in the anamorphosis.
3. To make the anamorphosis successful you had to make sure that you got the measurements correct to that it looked 3D. To do the we made a grid on the pictue and on the drawing. Then you just drew what was in the box on the picture into the box in the drawing.

Spray Paint

 1. In the computer lab we changed the picture of, for me, Aberham Linclon into positive and negative space. Basically the stuff that is purple in the spray painting is positive space and the blue, white and orange is negative space. We used photoshop and went to threshold to make the image black and white.

2. When creating a collage of book pages in the back, you wanted to add texture like a face or only writing. A girl in my class did only faces looking to something.

3. To use positive and negative space we cut out the negative space. We used a Xacto Knife to carve out the poster board making the Stencil.

4. Using the Xacto Knife we had to always make sure we had a board underneath our stencil and alway cut away from us.

5. It was important to have a strong contrast in between the colors so that you could see the image. For example dark purple against light blue, white and bright orange.