Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What's the point?

 Some of my original ideas for the theme whats the point were people pointing, lions roaring or a person standing in the rain. I decided to choose a person standing in the rain because what is the point of just standing in the rain? I showed contrast in my piece by using charcoal. I used charcoal so I could make the black very black and the white very white. I used a white color pencil to draw the rain. Also to create contrast I made the umbrella blue. The message of this piece of art is that there isn't always a reason for something. Standing in the dark while it is pouring rain may not accomplish anything but giving you a chance to relax. I took a risk in this piece by using a spray to keep the charcoal from not smugging. While this spray did keep it from smugging it also made the paper shinny. I also took a risk by making the umbrella blue. I think by doing this it helped lighten the mood of the piece of art.