Art 2 Final Portfolio

1. My most successful project was the "Sticky Situation". During that project we were told to use paint and and show a sticky situation. While deciding what to do, I brainstormed the common ideas: a shoe stuck in gum, someone looking upset and honey or glue. Mr.Sands encouraged me to keep brainstorming and thinking of different ideas. It was then that I thought of the idea of an innocent animal being hunted but not knowing. At first I thought of having an antelope being hunted by a pack of lions. I then thought of just showing the eyes of the lions. I ended up with having masks behind the antelope. I knew even before I had brainstormed that I wanted to do something with spray paint. We didn't know how to make a sunset background with spray paint so I ended up using two mediums. I used acrylic for the background and then spray painted the antelopes and the masks. I was very happy with how the piece came out. I like how well the antelope pops out and then the masks are hidden but not. If I could have done one thing differently I would have made sure I covered everything while spray painting. In the picture you can see a black mist from spray painting the antelope. The line of black is most noticeable underneath the second mask. Overall I was very pleased with this project.
2. The project that I thought I faced the most obstacles was the 3D project. I tried to make a duck tape person of myself by wrapping packaging tape sticky side up, re-wrapping sticky side down and then cutting myself out. My first obstacle was when one of the legs was misshaped. We tried to fix this but never really did. The second obstacle was when we put the leggings on. The leggings showed all of the bumps. To fix this we laid newspaper underneath the clothing to smooth things out. The third obstacle was when you could see the news paper through the leggings. We decided to spray paint the leggings black to fix this. However the fourth obstacle occurred when we ran out of black spray paint. Then the fifth obstacle occurred when we tried to stand the girl up and her legs collapsed in on themselves. Then the head caved in and the whole project just looked awful. Going through this made me a better artist because I learned that you need to thing about the effect your "solutions" to a problem might have. Everyone of my "solutions" caused another problem.

3. The two projects I felt I grew the most doing was my "whats the point" umbrella and the portrait goldfish project. During the Umbrella project I grew a lot with my skill in charcoal. Instead of using the charcoal to darken every object I wanted, I covered the whole paper in charcoal and erased the objects. To make the white even whiter I used a white colored pencil. The Goldfish portrait helped me grow in my creativity and use of elements. I had to learn to be patient while gluing each goldfish down onto the cardboard. Both of these projects overall made me a better artist.
4. I really enjoyed the new style of learning. It helped me become more creative and have more freedom of what I wanted to do with my art work. I was able to to explore many different mediums and styles. I even did unassigned projects. After finishing my 3D duck tape project, I started a project for fun. I made fish out of putty and put them in a fish bowl. It was a really fun project that I enjoy displaying in my room. I learned a lot with using charcoal and spray paint this semester. I learned different techniques with charcoal. I learned how to use charcoal the traditional way as well as erasing the charcoal to create the image. With spray paint, I learned how to create more detail in my stencils. I also learned about using multiple mediums to create one piece of art. I used acrylic and spray paint on my "sticky situation" project. The freedom the new way of teaching allowed me to do this.

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