Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. This was my favorite and most successful because I put a lot of work into it and I feel like it came out really well! In the computer lab we changed the picture of, for me, Aberham Linclon into positive and negative space. Basically the stuff that is purple in the spray painting is positive space and the blue, white and orange is negative space. We used photoshop and went to threshold to make the image black and white. To use positive and negative space we cut out the negative space. We used a Xacto Knife to carve out the poster board making the stencil.  It was important to have a strong contrast in between the colors so that you could see the image. For example dark purple against light blue, white and bright orange. For me, it was also funniest project because I enjoyed spray painting and seeing the picture actually come out the way I had hoped!
2. I think I learned the most from this project because I had no idea how to use Photo Shop before! I learned how to use some of the tools while doing this project and had a lot of fun doing it too. I think the final outcome of this was good however it looks kind of fake. I think I should have made ripples in the water where the birds head was coming in and with the fish I can still see some of the white outline from the original picture. I also want to learn if I can change the tint to the bird to slightly more blue becuase a bird underwater would not have been pure white as it is in the picture above. Otherwise I think I did a good job as it being my first time using Photo Shop!

3. For this project I had already knew how to use clay, and it was just fun to use the knowledge that I had learned about shading into the painting of this tile. During this project our objective was to make the animal 3D. That is shown in the picutes above. The picture of the tile directly above me moving the camera while taking the picture. I thought it looked really cool and it kind of makes me dizzy to look at it...which is funny. So you might want to sit down while looking at that picture so you dont fall over! But overall I enjoyed this project and enhancing my clay skills!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Though I dont think this was the most successful piece of artwork that I created during this semester, I feel like it expresses me. Some people dont get it when they first look at the painting, so I will explain it. Its the start of a race, swimming. When you first dive in, you havent started moving and your brain is still processing the fact that you just dove into freezing cold water. Your body is ridged with adrenaline and your mind is racing with determination. If you cant tell by now, I am a competitive swimmer. I swim allllllllllll year long and am absolutely in love with it!! When Mr. Sands said that he wanted us to do a landscape but mainly we just needed a foreground, middle ground, and background, I knew that I wanted to do something to do with swimming. This project was extremly fun also because to paint the bubbles following behind the swimmers, Mr. Sands had me use a tooth brush. Suprisingly it work out really well!!


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