Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk Mural

Creating this mural was alot of fun! It was a lot harder than I had first expected. Each day we would have to go to the bathroom after just to wash all of the chalk off our faces! It took the whole group to do the background purple. I did the rock and the fire, while Sydney did the dragon and the gold. The other to guys in our group worked to the background...the whole time, we almost ran out of purple! It was very important to work together on this because without the guys we would have never been able to finish the background! We were able to divide and conquer the mural. I think this project was a real success becasue the dragon looks really good, and I have seen other students interacting with the mural as well. I really enjoyed having the whole school interacting with our mural. It was nice to have random people walk up to you while you were creating it and compliment your artwork!

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