Thursday, October 4, 2012


During this project, texture is so important because it makes the print come to life! Texture adds so much to the print, it makes it look more realistic instead of just a drawing. It was necessary to have several refrences for each animal because if you couldnt see a part of the animal on one picture, you could see it on another. For instance, on one of my pictures you couldnt see the jaw as well as another, so I could look at both pictures to get a really good looking giraffe! When I looked at each of my individual scetches, the giraffe, cow, and monkey, I could see that even though the giraffe was the hardest, it would make the best print. I really like the pattern on the giraffe, it added alot of texture to the print. It was very difficult to carve in between the spots, but it was worth it!

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