Monday, October 22, 2012

Prints (part 2)

For our print making project, I made a giraffe. I added texture to my print my carving out each individual spot on the giraffe. I was able to show depth by adding the clouds and the birds. My favorite print was the green, orange, and yellow print. I was able to use diffrent colors that made the print have a more exotic feel. Overall I feel like this project was a sucess because the print, I feel, looks really good! I made 6 total prints. One was brown on blue, blue on white, blue on yellow, brown on yellow, brown on white, and of course, orange, yellow and green on black. I really enjoyed this project because it was really fun to make the prints and see the final product!


  1. I like the different colors you chose to print and the way you showed texture by using different lines. It looks really good (:

  2. Thats amazing and unique! I love how you used the color!

  3. i like how used differnt colors for your print instead of just one. i also like the teaxtchure you used.