Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sticky Situation

My idea for a sticky situation was to have an antelope surrounded by 4 tribal masks holding spears. The "stickyness" of the situation would come from the fact that the antelope was about to die. The theme of repetition was represented by the multiple masks. In this picture I had to project the image I had created in photoshop onto the canvas(don't judge me on what I was wearing it was inner nerd day at my school). During this first part of the project I learned a lot about photoshop.

  In this picture I was carving out the stencil. For the antelope and the masks I decided that I wanted to spray paint them while the background was acrylic paint. While I was carving out the stencils, I learned that you had to be very careful not to leave "white islands" or not leaving part of the stencil attached to the piece of paper.

When this picture was taken I had just spray painted my antelope. During this part I literally stopped breathing because I was so nervous.
 After I had finished spray painting my masks and antelopes, I decided that I needed to add spears to make it more clear of the masks intentions.
Not wanting to carve out another stencil, I "simply" covered all of the area that I did not want sprayed. This took a little bit longer than I had originally expected.....
I was very pleased with how the final piece came out. I learned a lot about how I could use different mediums together.

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