Monday, December 2, 2013

Goldfish Swimmer

My portrait was of a random swimmer. I knew that I wanted to do a swimmer so when I searched for pictures I just chose the picture that resembled a swimmer the most after we have photoshopped it. 

I thought of the idea to use goldfish one night after my swim practice while I was eating goldfish. I thought the relation between the goldfish and swimming was funny as well. 

I was challenged with the fact that not all of the goldfish were the color I needed. I ended up spray painting the goldfish to get them the color I needed. I was also faced with the fact that I had to be very patient when hot gluing all of the goldfish down....I'm not very patient....I burned myself....a lot... 

When I had finished the body of the swimmer I was faced with the decision of doing all of the water surrounding it or simply leaving it. In the end I decided to do all of the water. Even though it took three more days I was happy with my decision to finish it. I felt like it really completed the piece of art.

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