Friday, December 20, 2013

3D Project

For my 3D project, I made a me. Not a mini me, a full body me. We did this by wrapping the selected body part of me in sticky side up tape and then wrapping it it sticky side down. Then we simply cut me out, stuffed the body parts with newspaper and taped the appropriate body parts together. The questionable part being is it human?

Sounds simple right?

We were doing good, all of the body parts separately looked okay for the most part. Well excluding the left leg, that was just a mess. 

But when the time came to put all of the body pieces together, it did not look normal. In theory, the tape body should have been my exact height. However the tape we used apparently was not strong enough to hold up the weight and the legs collapsed in on itself. The body ended up a head shorter than me. The project ended up being a failure so we painted the tape weird colors just for fun.

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