Saturday, May 30, 2015

Acrylic Black and White

This painting is a portrait of my older sister. The painting is separated between two canvases vertically. I am most proud of the lips on this piece because I accomplished my goal of drawing the most attention to them. I really enjoyed painting this piece in black and white. Even through to simple colors I was able to achieve many shades of gray to create value. I decided to add a black back drop behind her face to increase the contrast between her face and the background, eliminating any background that may distract from her face. I struggled with the proportions between the two canvases. I originally painted each canvas separately and when I put them together, I realized that the top half of the piece was larger than the bottom canvas. To fix this is simply slightly widened the mouth and the right side of her face. Thankfully acrylic paint is very forgiving. Overall I am very happy with this piece and learned that I really enjoy painting portraits.

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