Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wedding Photo Transfer

This project is a mother's day/birthday present for my mom. The theme of this project is her second wedding to my step-father. I also added one picture with my younger brother in the top left corner so he wouldn't feel left out since he had not been born when the wedding occurred. I first did a photo transfer on each of the canvases of each picture. Then on all but the one canvas that is not from the wedding, I painted over the cloths. I placed extra emphasis on my mom's wedding dress by adding depth to each picture from adding different colors. Let me explain. The primary color in each dress is blue. The top middle picture with green darks to and white depth. The top right picture uses a deep purple for the darks and white for the highlights. The bottom right picture uses red for the darks and white for the highlights. The the bottom left picture uses blue as the darks and then pink for the highlights. I am still going to add more painting on the top left photo.

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